Mandatory Health Insurance Benefits Resident and Overseas Workers

  • Compulsory health insurance Dubai is a big advantage for residents, their families and overseas workers. This insurance program was extended to all emirates apart from Abu Dhabi which maintains its own health guidelines.

  • Health Insurance is the origination of convenient and also the comprehensive solution for an employee. This coverage is the preferred benefit for the people those who are working.

  • What does the decree (Resolution Number 7 of 2016) from the UAE Executive Council mean? There will be penalties and fines for employers and sponsors who will not provide health insurance UAE plans accordingly. Implementation of this policy began in 2014 and proceeded in stages until December of last year. Insurance firms, brokers and other third parties were obliged to register and obtain permits from the government (DHA).

  • The health department of Dubai ordered local private insurance companies last year to come up with appropriate coverage. Plan holders need not worry because of the cheapest health insurance Dubai.

Primary benefits for acquiring Health Insurance Dubai

As there are more and more primary benefits for acquiring with our insurance agency regardless of the plan and package. They are as by follows

  • In-patient treatment at designated private hospitals.

  • Out-patient consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Coverage for confirmed pre-existing and non pre-existing medical conditions from the first day whether these are chronic or not.

  • Cost of Medicines is included up to pharmacy limits depending on the ailment.

  • Emergency medical assistance worldwide.

  • Dental coverage based on the plan and depending on waiting period.

  • Maternity services including eight outpatient doctor visits and in-patient treatment up to a specific amount for normal delivery and Cesarean sections or other complications.

Why is it essential to have health insurance UAE cover?

  • Insurance plans are expensive but hot having any plan can cost you even more. Surgery or complex treatment methods have higher price tags. Just imagine the additional amount to your monthly expenditures. And, that can only be for a single medical procedure. Compare this with the cost of premiums made on a monthly basis. The latter still remains manageable.

  • Policy which is chosen by the employee will benefit them by paying specified amounts on their medical expenses or treatments.

  • People without health insurance policies have the tendency to wait until their conditions have turned from bad to worse. This only results to hefty hospital bills leaving these individuals financially devastated.

  • The Health Insurance Dubai policy is ideal for preventive care such as yearly checkups and other diagnostic exams. This preventive approach helps the person save money since it is cheaper to treat diseases in their early stages. Besides, health research revealed individuals with insurance cover are more likely to be physically and mentally fit.

  • Surveys seems that in a recent years peoples are paying an increased percentage of their investment in health insurance premiums as because of healthcare costs increases.

  • Some of the tests include blood pressure and cholesterol screening for grownups; diabetes screening (Type 2) for adults; and different kinds of immunization.

  • Insurance rates have been negotiated by the provider with hospitals that are members of the network. This is win-win situation for the insurance company, medical institution and insured person. People who have health insurance UAE are not forced to shell out cash right away if they get sick or meet an accident.

  • Owning an insurance policy gives you more sense of worth or self-confidence. If you can insure real property, cars and other material possessions, there should not be any reasons for not having cheapest health insurance Dubai.

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